Today, after more than 6 years of struggle, trying to survive working dozens of jobs to be able to pay off student loans and investments for my flight training, more than 18 years dreaming of become one day a pilot, I finally got my first pilot job. It's been quite a tough journey, but when you're hooked with the passion of flying and have dreams in your life you just can't do much but trying to get there with everything you've got. Despite the economy, despite the words out there saying there're nothing like jobs for pilots especially for low timers, that it's a suicidal undertaking to be willing to invest the price of a house on a training that cannot guarantee any jobs, and that you could consider yourself lucky to land a job as a CFI and getting paid less than a guy flippin burger at wendy's, well let me tell you, it does worth the sacrifice when it's your call.

Many times I thought about doing something else and fly on the week ends for fun, but I just couldn't give up, I just couldn't picture myself doing anything else but flying... One day someone told me it was a crazy enterprise specially money wise, since I was taking all the risks and in the end, the whole story was at my own expenses. Well I can tell today, that any story in life worth living is made at your own expenses!

I joined in 2011 after a friend told me about it and insisted I should join. I did and it's been an amazing experience, I couldn't imagine then how incredible this community was and how it would help me along the way. I didn't find my job through PPW but I wouldn't be the pilot I am today, without them, and without the wealth of information they generously share everyday with our members.

Thank you guys for your unconditional support! It's an everyday adventure to be part of such an amazing community, so there's no way you shouldn't join as well!