A recent thread was started asking various questions about job postings and where to go. My answer is simple...its here!

I was very fortunate over the last few years to come across many job postings, some have lead to jobs while others have lead to experiences I've gained allowing me to move ahead in this industry as a young professional. Chances are, a job posted on another website, will end up here. Often, many jobs here, you will not find elsewhere. This group is awesome in that everyone wants to help everyone along the way to be successful.

In the last few months, I've started to give back to the community which has helped me along. In our quest to find new pilots and contract help, this is the first place I come to offer available positions. I've found the individuals on this website are those part of a fraternity to help each other, smack each other on the head when out of line, yet these same people will take you out for a beer and steak while your nursing the headache from that smack.

I thank this group for everything and enjoy seeing this site grow to what it is.