I haven't been a member very long, but I am another PPW success story. I won't name them by their usernames or real names, but if they see this, they will know I am talking about them. I saw a job posting for a 560XL in the bay area, and an individual had passed info along that they were still looking, through PMs on PPW he was kind enough to give me some info on who to contact. By pure luck, we picked up a trip to TEB, and broke down there, and the plane was being worked on by the company that operates this 560XL. I was able to walk my resume in, shake some hands and make a few connections. Upon getting back home, I was called by the lead CA on the plane to have lunch, and eventually called back to their HQ for another meeting. I hopped on a commercial flight back home, and had an offer in my email by the time I landed. Between the first lead on here pointing me in the right direction of people to talk to, and a former employee giving me a good rundown on the job at hand, talking to me on the phone, and answering several texts, I was able to make this happen. This job will be better in every way to my current job, and I look forward to the opportunities ahead. Thank you to those individuals who offered their time, and who are willing to help others on this site. Thank you to PPW for providing an avenue to make this happen, it is the reason I love this industry.

Cliff notes: I have a new job thanks to PPW, and its wonderful members!