...it is so much more. The brain trust that occupies this space can help you plant, cultivate, sustain and harvest a career in aviation for as long as you want it. I began looking at this site some 4 years ago now on the advice of fellow pilots at another corporate firm. I had never before paid to visit what I considered "just another job board", but this one seemed different and I was not disappointed.

The spring of 2020 needs no description here as to what happened to the job climate in our industry. I was nearing 50 years of age and looking for work (again!) Needless to say, I was concerned about my career future, but this tool I now had at my disposal (ProPilotWorld.com) made looking for new work so much easier than previous times. Plus it helped remove a bit of stress that had been piled on by the pandemic by reading what others were going thru and knowing I wasn't alone.

I found many leads on this site (Thanks Ghost!) and replied to many, but the one I finally snagged was one that I never in a million years would think that I'd be doing. If you are interested, see the YESSSS!!!! thread on July 20, 2021 to see what I mean (Titled: So this happened last week)

I strongly encourage you to take a closer look at ProPilotWorld.com and see for yourself how your career can benefit. And if you happen to have Goodyear Tires on your vehicle, let me say a special thank you. You are helping fund my new retirement!