I was a Chief Pilot for a large 135 company in the US. We would post jobs on ProPilotWorld.com on regular basis while actively involved with the conversations on the forums.

The opportunities that I have seen on this site is nothing short of amazing. ProPilotWorld.com has thousands of members that work in the 135 and 91 industries. You have a direct line of communication to Department Managers, Chief Pilots, and pilots of the largest private, public and 135 companies out there. More often than not, they will post exclusive job postings that you cannot see outside of this site. I was a recent hire from one of these exclusive job postings on PPW. I owe this to ProPilotWorld.com directly, not only for the hires I have gotten from this site but for myself getting hired on a local opportunity flying a G550.

This community is professional and well worth the privacy it offers from the regular domains. Do yourself a favor and join, engage, enjoy the knowledge shared on this forum.