Outside of sitting at your local airport all day, and going hangar to hangar looking for job leads, ProPilotWorld.com has been the best source of job postings and contractor networking Iíve ever experienced. After three years of flying with a corporate flight department, our organization was downsized during Covid-19 travel restrictions. Several of the pilots were released from the company and faced what was forecast as a rather gloomy marketplace for professional pilots.

I scoured the internet for leads and job opportunities, applying at all the charter outfits I could find, and even regional airlines that were still listed as hiring. I was able to receive a conditional offer of employment with one regional carrier, but hiring at all other spots slowed down. ProPilotWorld.com helped put me in touch with several pilots and organizations that were looking for contractor pilots on my aircraft type. After my currency expired I was able to help another friend out with contract leads sourced from this website as well.

After securing a flight job at a local Part 135 company, I continued to occasionally check ProPilotWorld.com for job postings in my area. And was excited when a large corporate flight department in my community was looking for a new pilot. The posting on ProPilotWorld was almost concurrent with the company listing the job opportunity. I applied immediately, and then continued to receive notifications from indeed, Glassdoor, and other websites for DAYS after already applying via the listing on ProPilotWorld.com.

The quick application likely aided in me securing the job, and that wouldnít have been possible without seeing the listing and soon as it was posted online.

What Iíve been most impressed with (other than the speed of posts here regarding job openings) is the excellent community here to learn about job opportunities. Iíve seen, contributed too, and received advice on this site considering job opportunities within the local community. Reviews from pilots who work within the organization, and advice regarding the type of operation. ProPilotWorld.com is honestly an amazing resource to those seeking employment opportunities, or looking for ways to give back to the flying community!