I wanted to say thank you to everyone in this forum.

I started seriously looking at moving on from overseas ISR work in February 2020 then COVID hit. I stopped looking but keep researching for the next year and heard about ProPilotWorld.com. In February 2021, I started my pursuit of getting another pilot job and joined PPW. I saw a post for Avelo Airlines which I had heard of but did not know they started hiring. Because of this post I saw here and not on other forums like airline pilot central, I applied and was selected for the interview process. I received my CJO within three weeks of joining ProPilotWorld.com. I couldn't be happier to move from overseas contracting to a job that I will be home every night.

I must say that the people that post on here give much more job postings than I have seen on other sites, it well worth the 20 dollars or so I paid to have access.

I highly recommend joining this forum.