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    Thanks to!

    In 2009, I was downsized out of a company I’d been with for almost 20 years. As you might recall, times got tough for pilots, with demonization of our industry coming from high in our government (due in small part to idiots in our industry, but I digress).

    Six months into my severance (thank God my company did take care of us on the way out). I figured I was not getting called back, hadn’t made too many contacts for contract work, and it was becoming apparent that a move was likely required to find new employment. I had been searching aviation job boards, but was seeing the same listings on multiple boards for too long. I searched and eventually found Took the trial and liked all that I saw.

    Long story short (not much shorter), I found a position that I sent in for, and got the job. I lasted almost 10 years there, and recently, just found another that looked to be what I needed at this time. And once again, find myself in a good position, thanks to These are in addition to at least 4 other interviews I’ve had from ads found on PPW (always the bridesmaid...)

    The wealth of knowledge that is here, coupled with aviators wise to the ways of the internet, who are willing to share what they find with the membership, is invaluable. WELL worth the membership fee.

    Thanks again, ProPilotWorld!

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