In 2009 I was looking for a job and found one here on flying Pilatus PC-12s for a small 135 that was starting a base in Memphis, TN. Seaport airlines was still in its infancy but growing and I was proud to be part of that growth. My newly found roommates Jsky26 and Oconos eventually became some of my closest friends who I consider family. I met and flew with a few more PPWers while at Seaport but one who I owe my continued career growth to, Coffee2Go.

Cofee2Go was not only an exemplary captain but a friend who always provided sage advice. He eventually offered to walk my resume into my current employer with whom Ive been employed since 2013. As I sit here and type this, I now am a B777 Captain with my company, a dream Id never thought Id see at my age (34). is not just a Job site but it is a Career Builder. From career advice, to techniques from seasoned veterans there is no better aviation forum on the planet.

Thank you Falcon Capt for creating this medium and I look forward to the future of this forum.