My short aviation career is filled with trials and triumphs. Through all the time hard times, frustration, and confusion there was one place that I was able to count on. Every time I started to think about researching a new company or making a change in jobs, I did not hesitate when it came to deciding which "job board" or "pilot chatter" website to join. When I find myself in a peculiar bind, or needing some "Yoda-esk" wisdom, or sometimes just a swift kick in the butt's worth of motivation, a certain group of pilot warriors have always been there to "have my back."

Propilotworld is made up of a bunch of pilots from all different walks of life, life experiences, and positions on the ladder. I believe propilotworld is the best at bringing together all of these differing angles-of-opinion and points-of-view to create an environment conducive to thought provoking conversations and a real life buffet of wisdom and knowledge. These folks keep it real, only sugar coating it when need be. The community welcomes you with open arms and there are numerous examples of total stranger(s)-to-stranger(s) selflessness. Short of handing you the keys to their homes, you are instantly branded part of the trusted circle simply by showing them your ID...which is held by your classy propilotworld lanyard.

My most recent experience had propilotworld at several points along my path to my current bright future. A few months back I landed a spot with a company I had been looking at for a long time. The plethora of valuable information that I was able to gain allowed me to narrow my search and really make a more informed decision when I decided to make a job change. I also had a big scare with this new career move. Without hesitation the pack of propilotworld road warriors was instantly replying with their support and words of encouragement. Total strangers steeped forward to offer their supportive services to help me overcome in my time of need. Lastly, when I triumphed with this new job, new type, and a new outlook on life, cheers and virtual high fives where there to great me as I crossed the finish line.

Thank you Propilotworld. I owe ya one.