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ProPilotWorld.com FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find answers.

PPW Gift Memberships

We have had a lot of recent interest in "PPW Gift Memberships", for those that would like to give a PPW Gift Membership to another pilot, please follow the 3 easy steps below:

1. Send the appropriate membership amount via PayPal to CustomerService@ProPilotWorld.com. When sending the payment, in the comment section please include the gift subscription recipients FULL Name and also note that this payment is for a Gift Subscription. (You can also give a "Gift Renewal" for an existing member using the same process, you may simply use their Username in the renewal instead of their Full Name).

Membership Rates:
1 Year - $24.95 USD
2 Years - $44.95 USD (Save ~10%)
3 Years - $64.95 USD (Save ~14%)
4 Years - $82.95 USD (Save ~17%)
5 Years - $99.95 USD (Save ~20%)

2. Invite your friend to join PPW and have them register and complete ALL portions of the registration except the final step (i.e. payment). Also, have your friend include in the "Additional Info / Comments" area of the registration form that they received a Gift Subscription.

3. As soon as we verify the member we will credit their account with the gift subscription and they'll be on their way! At that time we'll send both of you a PM letting you know the subscription has been credited and is now active.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, feel free to contact me anytime!


Falcon Capt

Creating a New Topic (i.e. Thread)

To create a new discussion topic (i.e. new thread), simply enter the appropriate forum for your topic.

Please find the most appropriate forum for your topic and do NOT simply use the General forum unless you topic doesn't find into one of the other forums.

Look for the blue at the top of the message listing on the left side once inside the forum of your choice.

Adding an Image to Your Post

If you would like to add an image to your post, there are three ways this can be accomplished, load the image from your computer, from an outside source or load the image from your PPW Photo Album.

- Loading an image from your computer:

To include an image from your computer, please follow the instructions and image below. You can add the image to a post from your computer by pressing the 'Insert Image' icon (1) (Insert Image) then selecting "My Computer" (2) in the image in the popup box , select the file (3) and then hit the green "Upload Image(s)" button (4).


- Loading an image from a source outside of PPW:

To include an image in a post from an outside source, the image must be available on a web accessible server (i.e. image has a URL). You can add the image to a post by copying the full URL of the image, (not the page on which the image is located), and then press the 'Insert Image' icon (Insert Image) and pasting in the URL of the image in the popup box.


- Loading an image from your PPW Photo Album:

To include an image in a post from your PPW Photo Album, you must first load the image to your album. Follow the steps below:

1. Go into your PPW Album under the UserCP menu:

2. Create a new album (or go into your existing album):

3. Select "Upload Pictures":

4. Select "Add Files" the "Choose File" and then "Upload":

5. Make sure the image is "checked" (it should be by default) and then select "Done":

6. On the next page select "Save Changes":

7. Select the image you want to add to your post and click on it:

8. Once in the image, at the bottom right, select the BB Code:

9. Paste the entire BB Code into your post where you want the image to be displayed:

Embedding YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Facebook videos to your post

To add a video clip to your post, please do the following:

Create your new post or thread and open the text editor, find the "Video" button (circled in red in the image below)

Once you press that button the "Insert Video Clip" box will appear, simply add the FULL LINK to the video in the text box (as shown in the image below).

Reporting a Post/Thread

If you see a post or thread that goes against our Terms of Service or a post or thread that needs the attention of a Forum Leader for whatever reason, please select the red "Report" button () located in the footer of the post in question. If you are reporting a thread, please use the "Report" button associated with the first post in the thread.

Making an Anonymous Post/Thread

If you would like to make an anonymous post, please follow the instructions below:

Send via a Private Message (PM) to PPW Username "Anonymous" and include ALL of the following information:
- Which forum in which you would like your thread to be created (if you are replying to an existing thread, please include a link to that thread)
- Title for your thread
- Text for your post, exactly as you would like it to appear

(Please keep in mind that while you will remain anonymous to the membership, you are still responsible via our Terms of Service for anything you may post anonymously.)

Use the "New Posts" button

The best way to see what is new since your last visit is to use the "New Posts" button located on the blue, horizontal navigation bar located near the top of the forums. This will show you all new posts since your last visit as well as posts that haven't been marked as "read". (Please note that the "New Posts" button will NOT include any posts contained in the "Politics" forum. To include posts in the Politics forum, please use the "New Post (Include Politics)" button on the New Posts pull-down menu).

In conjunction with the "New Posts" button is the "Mark Forums Read" button. This will mark all forums as "read" and these posts will not show up the next time the "New Posts" button is utilized.

PLEASE NOTE: Posts in the Private Crew Rooms will NOT be listed when the "New Posts" button is utilized, please visit your company's Private Crew Room to check for new posts.

Easy to Navigate Menus

There is a user friendly, blue Navigation Bar near the top of every page. On this bar, you will find all the menus you need to navigate the entire web site. Please take a few minutes and become familiar with the options available on each pull-down menu. In addition to the multi-choice pull-down menus, there are several "single-selection" items on the Navigation Bar as well ("Mark Forums Read", "Private Messages" & "FAQ's").

Navigation Bar (Blue NavBar)

UserCP Menu (User Control Panel)

New Posts Menu

Private Message Menu

Community Menu

Quick Links Menu

"Mentioning" and "Tagging" Members

You can now "Mention" members in posts and "Tag" members in threads and they will be notified that they have been mentioned, tagged and even quoted. To use the "Mention" feature, simple type an @ symbol followed by their username (i.e. @username).

To "Mention" a member, simply enter @username (replacing "username" with their username)

They will then see a red "Notification" icon near the top of the forum header bar:

If you click the red notification icon it will tell you what the notification is:
(clicking on each of these links will clear the red notification message until next time there is a new notification)

Clicking on the link will take you to your UserCP and show the specific Mention:

Clicking on the link will take you to your UserCP and show the specific Quote if you've been quoted:

You can also "Tag" members for a specific thread using the "Thread Tag" feature at the top of each thread:

You can also see in which threads you have been "Tagged":

You can control all of your Notification and Email settings in the User Control Panel (UserCP) menu under "My Settings" (General Settings):

Avoid having to login each visit (Stay "Logged In")

When logging into the forums from your own personal computer, check the "Remember Me?" box.

This will enable you to remain "logged in" to ProPilotWorld.com. Everytime you return, you will no longer have to enter your username and password. When you are done viewing ProPilotWorld.com just simply close your browser or navigate to another site. Do not hit the "Logout" button.

If you are on a public computer, be sure to Log-out after you are done with PPW or the next person to use that computer will automatically be logged into PPW using your Username!

Log-In Trouble Shooting

Log-In Trouble Shooting

If you are getting logged out right after logging in, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has your connection behind a "proxy", what this means is that with each page load your IP Address changes slightly. This change in IP Address is interpreted by our software as a "different" connection (i.e. not the connection that logged in) and thus you are shown as being logged out. Fortunately, there is a very easy fix for this phenomenon. When logging in, make sure you check the "Remember Me?" box which is located near where you enter your username and password.

Checking the "Remember Me?" box will place a login "cookie" on your computer and will keep you logged in regardless of your IP Address. You should use this feature if you are logging in from your own personal computer. If you do this on your own personal computer, there is no need to logout when you are done using PPW, simply close the browser and you will be automatically logged back in the next time you visit.

IMPORTANT: If you are logging in from a public computer (such as an FBO or hotel computer) make sure to hit the "Logout" button when you are done or the next user of that computer will have access to your PPW account.

Access the "Bored Room" live chat!

One of the unique features of ProPilotWorld.com is our 24/7/365 Live Chat Room! Chat in real time with other pilots.

To access the "Bored Room" use either the large "Bored Room" button on the tan, horizontal navigation bar near the top of the forums or use the "Bored Room" link in the "Community" pull-down menu.

Nav Bar Button:

To leave the Chat Room, simply press the "FORUM" or "NEW POSTS" button on the Nav Bar.

Use the World-Wide Member Map feature!

Put yourself on our World-Wide Member Locator Map! Find if other PPW Members live near you!

To get to the World-Wide Member Map, simply follow the "Member Map" link under the "Community" menu on the horizontal menu bar near the top of the forums.

This map allows you to place a pin showing your location on our World-Wide Member Map.

Please Note: The World-Wide Member Map feature is ONLY viewable by Full Access Members, guests and others CANNOT view your location on the map.

Mobile users OR users with slow Internet connections

In an effort to keep all of our PPW Members happy, we have created a 2 new styles. A "Low Bandwidth" style for users with a slow Internet connection that will remove some of the graphics and allow for faster page loading on slower connections. We also created a "PDA/Mobile" style for Mobile Users.

Just another thing that sets PPW apart from the "other" places... We actually listen to our members concerns!

Simply select the "Low Bandwidth" style from the "Quick Style Chooser" at the bottom of the home page. PDA/Mobile users can use the Quick Style Chooser or the PDA/Mobile text link if your PDA can't accept drop-down boxes.

Subscription Issues

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your ProPilotWorld.com Membership Subscription, please feel free to contact us via this link: Contact Us or use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page of the forums (in the blue footer bar, see image below).

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