You know, I thought about the day I would post in here when I signed up to PPW... well, I didn't have to wait long...

I always knew that "it isn't what you know, it's who you know." But I never did anything with that knowledge until a friend turned me on to PPW.

In the year I've been on here, I've learned more about the subjective side of aviation than I had in 12 years of being a pilot. More importantly, I've made many new contacts and met multiple members through the Networking section.

I have been looking for a new job for about 5 years (I am lucky that I was able to be picky), but received almost no interest in my resume. In one year of being on PPW, I've had more job leads than I did in the previous 4 years of searching.

All that searching and knowledge has led me quite quickly from the left seat of a single engine turbo-prop to the right seat of a twin engine turbo-jet.

All for $15/year?! Deal. Consider me signed up permanently.

Hip Hip!