I was introduced to ProPilotWorld by a close and trusted flight mate. Since joining, I have been privileged to meet both in person and online a group of professionals, from all levels of expertise and from every corner of aviation, each with value to add to any operation. This group has provided a sounding board for paths, experience, and direction. I had been privileged to be a part of a legacy aviation department for the last 13 of its 54 years of service. Our department flew over 90,000+ flight hours before its closure last year. Thanks in no small part to the generosity, hard work, and dedication of ProPilotWorld members and moderators, I accepted a position with a flight department aligned in both its dedication to safety and professionalism. Thank you to all who have helped a fellow aviator through a department shutdown, and let us all pay it forward following the "pilots helping pilots" statement. Simply, ProPilotWorld works.