From my perspective, this forum is worth joining. I will give you several reasons:

1. The level of professionalism is very evident in its members; it can be seen from the lowest time, newest commercial pilot to the very high time, most experienced pilot.

2. It is a great source for networking, having technical discussions, getting industry information, obtaining employment information, and discussing numerous subjects that are of importance to many in the world of commercial aviation.

3. Discussions are dynamic, informative, fun, and kept on topic. Everyone here has something useful and worthy to write and discuss.

4. There are many professionals giving advise to those who seek moving up in the industry.

5. This forum is made by commercial pilots for commercial pilots. Not discriminating against private pilots or aspiring pilots (we all were one at some point), everything discussed here is by individuals who work in some aspect of the industry, or hold at least a commercial certificate.