I've been a member of ProPilotWorld.com for over twelve years and they aren't charging enough for membership.

Our motto is "Pilots Helping Pilots" and ProPilotWorld.com came through again for me.

My position was recently eliminated and a Sovereign was sent back to the bank and I was out of a job. Certainly a common occurrence in aviation, but personally very stressful and at first, shocking. I guess I've built some good will over the past twelve years because when I posted my plight and asked for help, man the help flooded in! I started getting job leads before the public did, private messages checking on me, perfect strangers asking about my well being and how the family was holding up.

I sincerely appreciate and am grateful for all of the help I have received from ProPilotWorld. There is just no way I could ever pay back all of the friendly, sincere pilots here. Some of them are pretty flippin funny also.