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04-13-2014, 18:38:24
Many pilots had told me about PPW and I wasn't sure what the difference was with this site compared to the rest. I decided to try it and see where it goes. PPW is not just a job site, but a place where pilots truly help pilots. I was just hired at a great company because of the recommendation of a fellow PPW member. This site is great in so many ways and I will be a member for me entire career!

04-18-2014, 08:57:46
Congrats. I had a similar experience and after years of struggling in the industry a PPW member helped me get a job with a top notch, career company. I am happy to see that others are able to benefit from this site, just as I have. Now, the key is to make sure that we do the same for others.

Enjoy the new job!