View Full Version : If you're not networking on PPW, you're not trying hard enough

11-04-2013, 00:23:07
Its just like how I met my girlfriend... the internet.

All jokes aside ( I did meet my gf online) getting on here is something I wish I'd known about 3 years ago. Networking is hard, but it is the only way to advance in any field, especially aviation.

Met some guys in STL that were here, they put me in contact with some guys on the field.... 2 weeks later, I was putting in my notice at a place that couldn't have cared less if where I went. I'm one step further in my career than I was before I got on.

I use it almost everyday I'm working to keep my ear to the ground or to ask questions about airplanes, airspace, beer joints in Juarez and everything in between.

Thanks PPW! And all the members who helped me along the way.