View Full Version : ProPilotWorld - A Great Place to Network, and how it helped (and continues to) help me!

07-20-2013, 18:26:26
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The story of how ProPilotWorld has helped me in a little bit of a different way than most.

First and foremost, the pilot community has been great when I've sought advice about questions regarding professionalism and industry standards. The community that has been established here is comprised of a great bunch of people that are willing to help you out in the aviation community, share their stories, help you out and simply give advice when advice is most needed.

I have had all of these, but one of the most important on my quest to find a new job and continue my career in aviation came from a gentleman's post regarding a job posting that I was rather interested in at the time. Upon further reviewing this particular job, I decided that my QoL would not be what I was searching for on several accounts. I initiated a conversation with said individual, and would like to say we that through our occasional discussion we have become friends (and I have a newfound mentor) all because of the community that ProPilotWorld provides.

I look forward to finally being able to share a tall cold one with my new friend as our paths will surely one day cross!

Thanks ProPilotWorld.com for all you've done for me so far, and for all of those that have become contacts of mine. I look forward to paying it forward for what's been done for me so far, and hopefully becoming a bigger part of what PPW is and what it can be!


Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the abundance of congrats and welcome to the areas I've received after starting my new job (and having to relocate, I have had great suggestions on where to look for places to stay on the latest leg of my life journey).