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06-21-2006, 11:01:05
Hello and welcome to Pro Pilot World. As a member of both Flightinfo.com and Clear-and-a-Million.com, I have enjoyed the dialouge and networking the internet has afforded me in this small industry known as aviation. Although I had never paid to access any message board before, I donated $10 to Flightinfo in 2004. Although I was in college flight instructing and was chronically broke, I considered it worthwhile for my personal enjoyment and amusement.

I have found PPW to be a breath of fresh air when it comes to aviation-oriented webboards. There are a wide range of aviation backgrounds and experiences represented here - military and civilian, passenger and freight, corporate and charter and fractional, regional & major & LCC, flight instructors, air traffic controllers, retired career aviators & those with a passion for the industry. In the short existance of this board, I have met people living close to my home that I would never have met otherwise, helped people with job leads, and actually learned a thing or two about this industry my career is in - and you can't always say that about some of the other popular aviation forums on the internet.

While you will find a diverse background and a wide range of opinions here, one thing you will not at PPW find is purposeful flamebaiting and personal insults. That's not to say there aren't heated disagreements...but members aren't out to get each other here or to make light of the problems facing another's career or employment. To me, $10 is a very small price to pay such a professional, courteous atmosphere!

Please do not take it from me, or even UAL78 & FalconCapt, our highly respected moderators & founders. $10 is not much money, and I ensure you the networking and information to be found on this board is worth every penny.

Thanks for visiting!