View Full Version : I like this forum!

06-21-2006, 11:58:18
I immediately felt a big difference in the tone of the forum here at PPW. The members are more collegial and mature in their responses - even in all out disagreement! In our first week there was a great discussion on a particular ops specs topic, one on non-precision approaches, and the ever popular SWA 737 type rating requirement. Never was there the degradation into name calling and flaming that is evident in other forums. I believe the difference is we are all commercial or ATP pilots. We still have light hearted responses, it isn't all serious! Of course there is a BBQ discussion!

Registering your name isn't sinister - it lets the administrator know who you are, there is accountability. That makes a huge difference. The site works cleanly - no advertisements, no auto censoring. The chat room is a lot of fun, and is a really great informal discussion area. I especially enjoy the job posting area - there are a lot of open jobs posted there. In short, this is a great site.