View Full Version : Are you an Airline Guy looking to make a move to the corporate sector? PPW is for you!

04-14-2012, 12:58:16
As a airline-to-corporate convert I must sing the praises of the incredible amount of information found on this website. For those in the 121 world looking to make the switch, spending a few hours on PPW learning about the industry will be invaluable. It's not easy to change your career path but the information, networking, and job postings available here are some of the best tools you can have at your disposal. Corporate aviation isn't for everyone, but the right job will beat the pants off just about any 121 gig. Invest the $13 in your future and come find out if the grass truly is greener on the other side!

04-14-2012, 15:03:54

I'd have to agree with you. I've found it to be a tremendous resource also. Now............ if I could just find that job?

04-15-2012, 10:00:22
I made the change in 2006. PPW was then, and continues to be, an incredible asset. The brain trust here has been able to answer all of my questions. My transition was from airline to corporate, but those going the opposite direction will find everything they need right here.
Thank you PPW!

07-08-2012, 14:11:39
I am about to do the same and the feedback I have received is worth way more than the few bucks I spent here..