View Full Version : They could easily charge double...

03-06-2012, 21:24:03
I'd still pay the membership fee! There is just so much information, and so many resources here, it's unreal sometimes. DO a search and you'll probably find the topic you're looking for. Sure there are difference of opinions, but that's what spurs everything along, everywhere. But if you want information hoe to pack a suitcase for a weeks worth of travel (for the newbies out there), on aerodynamics, or information on some obscure IFR chart, or opinions of users of a particular piece of software, or even what recipe can be made from baked lemon herb chicken and goat cheese.. this is the place. My most recent proof of this is my new job. A listing was posted here on PPW (by one of the many members that do so, dozens a day it seems sometimes!) and I shot a resume off to them. It was 2 days later before I saw the job listed anywhere else. Just the ability to network with other pilots make it worth while. Definitely worth the $12.. (Mark, I was kidding about paying double!! :laugh: ) You folks around the OKC area, I'm pretty much here now. Let's make some plans!