View Full Version : Thanks to ProPilotWorld.com!

11-23-2009, 00:02:35
Hey everyone,

I just wanted to say thanks to this board, and specifically to Check 6 and Madame Captain for their good help and advice during my relocation and recurrent training event. I was able to get recurrent at SimCom in Orlando thanks to some good recommendations and help from Check 6, and I got some good advice and help as well from Madame Captain, as I enter the Florida contract pilot scene.

I just finished recurrent today and had a great experience at SimCom, met some great people, made some connections and even ran into a flight instructor friend of mine who is now going through the King Air instructor program with SimCom. It sure was nice to see a familiar face in the break room on the first day before class!

The two people I flew with in the sim had never heard of this site so I told them to check it out and that it was by far the most professional aviation networking site online. I hope to see them both on here soon.

So thanks again to everyone, and once again if any of you are moving to the STL area, I have a wonderful house in a great neighborhood near SUS with a gigantic garage for toys and I would love to make you a deal on it. (shameless plug, I know...sorry!):001_tt2: