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Flip Flyer
09-30-2008, 21:35:13
To UAL78 and Falcon Captain, Thank you for putting together a great forum.:2thumbup:
To Freight Dog, Mahalo for pointing me in their direction.:thumbup: Best of Luck Brah!
To Agent 99, English, and Typhoon Pilot, Thanks for all your insight and in helping me look around for them flying jobs.:biggrin:

To all who contribute to this forum, what a class act. I don't post much but I do check in every day. What is shared on this forum is very insightful and humbling. The industry is going through very turbulent times. The decision to stay in the flying business or move on is not so simple.

I have been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to stay in the Hawaiian Islands and fly for Aloha Air Cargo. Many of my colleagues have moved on to Foreign Carriers while others are still looking for a flying job.

My hope is everyone get what they desire or at least come close to it. Best of luck to all.

Aloha, Flip Flyer

09-30-2008, 21:44:57
Aloha Air Cargo - awesome, congratulations!

Make sure to say hello to Deb for me :cheers:

Flip Flyer
09-30-2008, 21:56:37
Will do. Happy flyin'

10-01-2008, 14:30:37
Say Aloha to my soon to be Ex for me!:001_tt2:

10-01-2008, 16:37:35
Cargo: it only feels perverted the first couple of times....

Congrats and good luck.

Agent 99
10-04-2008, 23:59:08
Flip Flyer, I am glad it worked out for you. Congratulations!

(Now we can get the scoop from YOU on Aloha Air Cargo. :2thumbup:)