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07-13-2008, 21:08:12
I lost my job of almost ten years back on April 3rd when ATA Airlines ceased all ops and declared chapter 11. It was a dark day. I began shot-gunning resumes out all over, airlines, cargo, corporate anywhere and everywhere for days after, hoping to find a job, any job. Then after going through all of the stages of recovery, denial, anger, letting go I realized I didn't want to play in the 121 world anymore as that dream job that I wanted for so long wasn't so dreamy anymore. I started turning down 121 interviews and targeting 135/91 jobs. The hard core networking and job searching started and I began to wonder if I was stupid to turn down these airline interviews. Then I started geting calls from operators on the 91/135 side of the industry. The process at a few places took what seemed for ever as some places were looking to fill position that weren't really available yet, as in the airplane isn't really here but it should be soon, :fightwall: or other similar stories.

Then I stumbled upon this forum and out of the blue had multiple offers of help from people who didn't know me from Adam. I of course could use all the help I could get as I was comimng from a solid airline background and looking to go 91/135, I smelled. After getting some help from multiple people (Thanks you know who you are) I ended up getting two offers from different operators the same day and another future position offer whenever they needed someone. Not a bad position to be in about three months after losing my last job.

I start Indoc with my new company tomorrow and just wanted to say thanks to all who helped me in my time of need and to everyone at ProPilotWorld for all the great information and support. I've read this all over but it's truely the best $10 I spent looking for a new job. Not only can you see most of the job openings listed on other sites but you get professional and civil disscussions unlike some other borads.

I'll be in LGB for the next week and then at Simufllite DFW from the 21st through the 9th training on the CL-601. If anyone will be there look me up. I'll be the guy with a huge smile on his face.:biggrin:

Greg Delp

07-14-2008, 21:03:23
I lost my job of almost ten years back on April 3rd when ATA Airlines ceased all ops and declared chapter 11. It was a dark day. :biggrin:
Greg Delp

Good on ya Greg!

I know all those feelings you had, as I lost my job after 15 years. It's a very sobering experience. I also was very lucky to get picked up right away with a fractional where I am very happy. It's been the most fun flying job I've ever had. Although I got that job before I joined this board, I have since had contact with virtual strangers from this board that were willing to help me in a job search, therefore I can attest to the quality of the membership here.

Good luck with the new job!



07-14-2008, 23:41:04
"$10"? XTW said the fee was $20 and he'd be nice enough to forward it to the admin... :angry:

gd--Glad you found a port in the storm. Great people here.

former TWA (soon to be former AA...)
former ATA ('87 furloughee)