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11-21-2016, 17:16:59
I just received an official start date for a corporate Part 91 position! I am one of the few pilots not aspiring to become an airline pilot. I had my sights set on a corporate, Part 91 position for a long time. After getting the door slammed in my face dozens of times, I finally landed an excellent job with some really excellent people. The people especially blew me away! From the first interview to the last steps of the hiring process (4 months altogether), I am really excited about the people I am going to be working with.

I really want to thank njcapt for reviewing my resume and helping me to make it stand out. I also want to thank Falcon Capt for his job search advice. Finally, I want to thank every subscriber on this forum. Your questions, answers, and jokes/funny comments have really helped me out over the years. ProPilotWorld.com is really one of the best information resources on the Internet! The membership fee is money well-spent and something I plan to continue to pay for the rest of my career.

Thanks again!

11-21-2016, 17:41:00
Congrats. Enjoy the flying. 91 has some fun times ahead!


11-22-2016, 10:52:48

01-18-2017, 17:28:15
That's amazing. Glad to hear the dream is still alive...congrats!

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