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  1. *Wanders in* Whoa! When did this happen?
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  4. Ebola
  5. CDC Recommendations for carrying Ebola Patients
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  10. Tri State Care Flight loses CAMTS
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  12. Bain Cap just hung a FOR SALE sign on AMGH, $2B
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  20. Deregulation
  21. EagleMed in Kansas merged into Med-Trans in Texas
  22. AMRG Rotor Chief pilot sentenced to 12 years in prison for falsifying weight and balance documents
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  24. Life Style Question....
  25. Would need an ambulance flight from Nice LFMN to San Paolo SBGR
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  37. Path to EMS and Few Other Career Questions
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  41. PM me your company starting pay rates please. Confidentiality assured.
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  43. Assisting passengers with limited mobility?
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