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  1. Union politics: serving the members.
  2. Any Teamsters here?
  3. The History of Labor Day
  4. big changes at alpa?
  5. Running for office *before* the internet
  6. MEC members flying the line
  7. 5 DEC -- Support Pinnacle
  8. ALPA in 2007 -- A New Era?
  9. Does ALPA get a "Say"?
  10. ALPA at Colgan?
  11. ALPA at a 135 carrier
  12. Atlas Polar ALPA
  13. Our own TonyC?
  14. ALPA MEC Chairman resigns due to NON-Support
  15. New President Teamsters Airline Division
  16. New Taxes
  17. NWA leaving ALPA?
  18. ALPA Welcomes CommutAir Pilots!!!
  19. Interesting news on the CrewPASS movement
  20. TTFN
  21. ASTAR Picketing Event in Atlanta - July 24
  22. ALPA 401k Tax Up For Vote!!!
  23. ALPA's true colors
  24. A revolution occuring over at RAH.
  25. Gov. Palin
  26. UAL National seniority list resolution
  27. Boeing Union on Strike! Not good....
  28. President Clinton and the AA Strike
  29. NATCA one ups the FAA on screwing controllers
  30. Organizing under RLA
  31. ALPA BOD... Viva Las Vegas!
  32. Teamsters and PATCO
  33. One down, One to go, Boeing Strike
  34. UTU??
  35. Duane Woerth's "How do you like me now" moment
  36. Atlas/Polar Dispatchers join Pilots in move to IBT.
  37. AirTran pilots considering switching unions
  38. IBT and Air Tran
  39. Colgan votes in ALPA
  40. ALPA decertified at Atlas/Polar
  41. NATCA Settles With Non-Union Controllers
  42. IBT Airline Division Update
  43. How to reverse the Decline
  44. IBT Airline Division update 1/30/2009
  45. Dispatchers at Atlas, Polar Join Teamsters
  46. IBT Airline Division update 2/06/2009
  47. Amerijet IBT files for release
  48. I just got 2 books in the mail from ALPA
  49. APA Officers Censured
  50. Cape Air-Sounds like someone is finally listening
  51. AirTran pilots vote to join ALPA!
  52. GLA voted out IBT?
  53. Ding Dong, Gene is GONE!
  54. Looks like the IBT 747 website is BACK!!!
  55. IBT decertified at Cape Air
  56. ABX Representative
  57. Deal to sell Frontier to Republic is completed
  58. ALPA Requests Election to Represent ATI Pilots
  59. ALPA Petitions NMB for Election at North American
  60. CAL - The Magenta Line 10/03/2009
  61. Who has some good knowledge of GoJet union history?
  62. NMB rule change hearing...
  63. Cape Air rejoins IBT
  64. Union politics....sucked into the vortex
  65. ALPA National questions
  66. FedEx Drivers Aren't Pilots!‏
  67. "We are a Union - not a Social Club"
  68. Rule Change Favors Unions at Airlines, Railroads
  69. BALPA urge G'ovt intervention in BA cabin Crew Strike
  70. ALPA Audit Finds Unpaid Dues
  71. Think Hard Jet Blue Guys
  72. Worker's deserve a choice
  73. Air Line Pilot Magazine from January, 1993
  74. "Waiting for Superman"
  75. Tax payers send a message to public employee unions
  76. Simply amazing
  77. SkyWest Pilots and Flight Attendants make move towards Organzing
  78. Capt. Chuck Yeygur's Pilot Union
  79. DAL vs. AFA
  80. Common sense prevails
  81. Airtran ALPA DFR Lawsuit
  82. IBT experiences and opinions
  83. SWAPA History ?
  84. Piedmont negotiations coming to a head? ridiculous company contract proposals
  85. RAH pilots formally request to end mediation
  86. Air France pilots back restructuring plans
  87. A question for military guys
  88. TA going out to pilot group at pdt....
  89. A win for retirees ( American Airlines )
  90. Jetblue pilots are now....
  91. Allegiant strike authorization vote
  92. Health insurance benchmarking?
  93. Support for Sun Country
  94. DAL vs. ALPA Jan 2001
  95. Budget airlines and inventive cost cutting
  96. 99.65%
  97. FedEx ALPA lawsuit
  98. Atlas Air Informational Picketing
  99. A21 rights under the Whistle-Blower act.
  100. Company refuses to recongnize employees (this is funny)
  101. Atlas Air pilots protest outside company headquarters
  102. Delta ALPA reaches Agreement in Principle
  103. More Atlas picketing DEC 7 (SEA & Plantation, FL)
  104. Looking for Kallita Contact
  105. For reference: Airline Pilot Contracts
  106. Atlas/Southern Picketing Wash DC
  107. Atlas/Southern/ATSG Picketing Seattle (AGAIN)
  108. Atlas/Southern/ABX Picketing SEA Round III Aug 1st
  109. Picketing Cargo Facts Symposium Oct 3rd MIA
  110. KLM cabin crew to strike on 8 January
  111. Atlas/Southern/ABX picketing Tues Dec 19, 2017
  112. Ryanair recognizes Unions
  113. Looking for a link to an old ALPA mag article
  114. Avianca ongoing labor actions
  115. Atlas/Southern/ABX picketing CVG April 10
  116. ALPA warns of strike as WestJet readies Swoop
  117. Days of the Airline Strike May Be Over
  118. New ALPA President
  119. Prime Air/DHL pilots protesting in CVG April 11th
  120. EVA flights attendants on strike